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"Andrea was very supportive and ever present during the birth of my first child. In my most vulnerable moments she was by my side. She helped me and my husband navigate the long hours during my labor. I felt very lucky to have such a strong and soulful woman at my birth. She helped me stay calm while I focused on delivering my little boy safely into this world." - SMI

"Andrea! Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for not only being my doula through the most intense and brilliant rite of passage of my life but for the guiding me on the right path from the beginning- to not hold onto any expectations but just release myself to the sacred and divine. You really helped me push (pun intended) but also find ease through it. So much of it was timeless but when I would emerge I saw so much in your soulful eyes." - DL

"I met Andrea from her prenatal yoga class. From the beginning, Andrea was integral to my pregnancy. We talked with ease about our passion for natural birth, and I had hoped she could attend the birth almost immediately after meeting her. It wasn’t my first baby, but having her walk beside us through this journey still helped us to prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for the beautiful roller coaster of new life. And my second birth wasn’t quick like they said it would be. I had a hard time surrendering to the rushes and trusting my body. This is where Andrea’s presence was crucial. From helping us try different techniques to get active labor going, to reassuring me through the exhaustion and then most intense rushes....out came the most perfect baby girl. I can only hope and pray that more and more woman get to experience  the empowering love and support from doulas like Andrea."

"I could not have anticipated how invaluable the support and encouragement I received was. Andrea’s sense of the body, her ability to intuit the needs of the women she works with, and her sincere belief in the capacity of women to lean into their power allowed me to have a beautiful and fulfilling birth experience. I would encourage every woman in my life who is pregnant or planning to be to seek Andrea’s support and advice in navigating decisions about the birth of their child. Andrea’s passion for this work is reflected in her knowledge of the birth experience and her commitment to her clients. I can't imagine giving birth without Andrea by my side." - LV

"I first met Andrea when she came over to our house for our initial discussion about our pregnancy and what to expect from a doula. I remember she had a great positive energy about her and I immediately felt comfortable with her. Andrea served as our rock throughout the birth process. Whenever things seemed crazy or stressful she was a great calming influence on both my wife and me. Since it was our first birth experience, having her help, wisdom, and energy was invaluable! We would recommend Andrea as a Doula to anyone and will use her services again in the future." - JH

"What an experience to go through my second pregnancy!  This was a different experience than my first child, and Andrea helped me and my husband appreciate the process and feel at ease going through it the second time around.  Her calming energy, knowledge, encouragement and warmth made the birthing process as relaxing as it could be.  I felt empowered and prepared to deliver my daughter, and I could not have done it with out Andrea!" - BM

"We had a wonderful experience with Andrea as our doula. Our second child was born during Covid-19 and Andrea helped us navigate the uncertain times during pregnancy and labor. She helped us plan and prepare for the natural childbirth experience we desired for our family. She was patient, supportive, encouraging and an advocate. She went above and beyond what we expected and we are so thankful we had her alongside us as we welcomed our son into this world. Andrea is so knowledgeable and it was always so evident that this is way more than a job for her. It is a passion and she is so present the entire time. We felt more calm, confident and cared for with Andrea by our sides. We highly recommend having a doula at your birth and we highly recommend Andrea!"

"As a doula, Andrea continually shifts power to the mom so that she is the Authority when it comes to her pregnancy, birth, and mothering experiences. She has a “library” of resources that she allows her clients to freely pull from, and I benefited greatly from this shared asset. She also shares her personal wealth of knowledge during several educational classes that she customizes to you and your partner’s needs. The classes are designed to inform mothers of what is actually happening during labor (education dispels fear), and the material additionally serves to enhance primary relationships in the mother’s life. My relationship with my husband was greatly enhanced and deepened through Andrea’s beliefs and continues to grow. I wanted (and achieved) an unmedicated birth, and I do not believe it would’ve been possible without the unwavering support and strong determination of Andrea (“you can do this!”). The minutes and hours that followed my beautiful baby’s birth were -thankfully -also influenced by Andrea. I sang to my baby girl and told her things that are meaningful to me. I spoke to her as the Divine and cognizant being that she was and is. These moments and memories will provide me with a Source of Joy for the rest of my Life. I lost a lot of blood during delivery, and Andrea swept into the hospital like an angel and requested that my bed be changed so I could lie in clean sheets. She spoon-fed me oatmeal with chia seeds, bananas, and other nourishing ingredients, and she brought me Floradix to help bring my blood and iron levels back up. She helped me transition to the bathroom and gave me a coconut water to prevent me from fainting. She offered me water every time I breast fed (instilling a pattern that I uphold to this day), and she continually created space that I might finally get some rest. All of her efforts culminated in my gaining enough strength to transition to the postpartum side of the hospital. That night, she spent a few hours with me and my new baby. She sang to her and continued to ensure I got more rest. Andrea elevated my healing, and the following day, I was up on my feet and back in my home. Andrea’s presence alone evokes a sacred feeling around the process of bringing another soul into physical reality, and if of interest to you, she will Lift your state of consciousness to a higher level. Needless to say, I highly recommend Andrea as a prenatal yoga teacher and doula. She is unlike any other in her wisdom, courage, Heart, and strength of belief." - SC

"Andrea is a wealth of knowledge regarding labor and childbirth and was always helpful in talking through questions I had regarding pregnancy, labor and postpartum.  I was very thankful to have her with my husband and I during the birth of our baby boy.  She was very accessible, supportive and had some great acupressure tricks to decrease pain in labor.  I would not have made it through my natural birth without her."

"Hiring Andrea to be my doula was the best decision I made to assist me during natural birth. I truly could not have had my baby naturally without her! I already knew Andrea from Satsang, however, working with her in a more personal way was absolutely delightful. She is open, knowledgeable, gentle and wise. Every time I got nervous about birth as a first time mama, I remembered that I would have Andrea there and all of my worries would go away. I was also very grateful to her for relating to my partner in a way that made him feel comfortable. She empowered him and gave him lots of encouragement. I was nervous he might be overwhelmed at the birth and Andrea was a support to him as well as myself. The three of us were a strong team, Andrea being an integral part of its strength. During the birth Andrea would softly say empowering things to me in between rushes that would help me to stay positive and in my body, not my head. She offered water, food, acceptance, and even spoon fed me yogurt after our daughter was born. I felt completely seen, heard and taken care of from the moment I hired her and still do. After we had our daughter, Andrea came to our house a few days later with food and gifts - her generosity was and is still felt strongly. She possesses so much light and positivity and love. I loved having her energy near me at our birth. I highly recommend Andrea!”- HD

"I decided to hire a doula at 36 weeks and weren't sure if it was too late / if anyone was going to be interested in taking us on. Andrea immediately reached out after my massage therapist told her we were looking and assured me it wasn't too late! We met up and my husband and I felt comfortable around her right away and knew we wanted her to be the one to be with us for the final stretch of our pregnancy and birth. With each meeting I went from having a fear-based attitude about birth to learning to trust my body and feel empowered and confident. I had talked to so many women who thought I was crazy for not wanting to get an epidural and it always made me question myself, until I met Andrea. One concern with hiring a doula was that my husband would feel left out during the birthing but it was totally the opposite and Andrea assured us of this from the beginning. Thanks to our meetings beforehand and Andrea's presence at the hospital, my husband felt like he knew how to help me during labor and she allowed him to maintain his calm as she talked him through what was happening and assured him my behavior was normal and my body was simply doing what it needed to do. I had a truly amazing birth experience and I cannot recommend Andrea enough!" - Hannah

"Let me start off by saying that I didn't know what a doula was and a little apprehensive about the concept at first. I'm naturally a little skeptical, but open minded enough to sit down and explore it. After going through the experience, I think the value Andrea provided was dollar for dollar the best money we spent on the birthing process. Here is why. Andrea came and met with us prior to the birth of our son and set expectations for the birth. As a husband and now father, I can say that opening my eyes to the process beforehand meant the birth went much smoother and reduced our anxiety. We more fully understood our birth plan, I more clearly understood what my role was, and having someone experienced guiding you through the process made things flow smoothly. Knowing in advance what you are getting into and understanding it is a natural process and not a medical procedure led to an incredible birth experience, quicker recovery, and was eye opening for myself and my wife. I highly recommend Andrea to any family considering adding doula support to their birth plan." -Ryan, first time dad​

"I felt strong and happy and confident. The fear I held onto for so long finally started to be released. I felt so supported and it was amazing having someone really believe in me and that my body could do what it had trouble doing the last time, even when I doubted myself. I felt mentally stable and so peaceful and calm generally throughout my pregnancy and I attribute it mostly to all the yoga classes. I'm thankful I had you to bounce questions and ideas and fears off of. You are not only knowledgable but  you are compassionate with your information and delivery to all. When the time came to birth, I felt excited, something I never could have imagined before. I totally did some of the things from class in labor and was able to labor at home until iI was 10 cm doing the tribal funky dance! Also not finding out the gender was influenced by you and it was really hard at first but so thankful that I had that sweet sweet surprise." - Randi S.

"I started attending prenatal yoga classes at Satsang when I was four months pregnant. I always knew I wanted a doula and one day in class Andrea mentioned she was in pursuant of becoming a doula. I went home that evening and told my husband I wanted Andrea to be our doula. I felt a connection to her and although I didn’t know her well, she wasn’t a stranger and I felt very comfortable around her. I love her energy and that’s exactly what I wanted during my birth experience. Fast forward to the day I went into labor, she beat us to Charleston Birth Place. During labor, she was two steps ahead and ready to do anything I needed. She also encouraged my husband and supported him while he was helping me. It was perfect teamwork and she really allowed both my husband and I to be in the moment and present. She just knew exactly what to do and it was everything I needed during labor. I’m so grateful for the postpartum care and check-ins which is a part of the birth experience I didn’t realize how much I would need at the time. Overall having Andrea as our doula was a wonderful experience and one of the best decisions we made during my pregnancy." -Megan Hirschler


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