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Birth Classes

These classes are designed to thoroughly inform mothers and their partners of the routine practices at hospitals, the most common birth location chosen at this time. But they will prepare you for any location you may be birthing in. The content of the classes will empower you to create an optimal environment for what you want, and don't want. These classes are jam-packed, fun, uplifting, and educational! I offer group classes and private classes. Please see the upcoming schedule for group classes below. What we will cover is outlined briefly below. 

Partner Work: meditation, connection, communication 

Birth Support: positivity, sacred atmosphere, mother feeling respected and empowered

Hospital Situations: evidence-based decisions, knowing your rights, communication with staff, risks of interventions

Birth Wishes: formulating a sheet to provide that relays your desires

Labor: stages, positions, partner assisting, tools for labor sensations 

Post-Birth Procedures: umbilical cord clamping/cutting, birthing the placenta, vaccines, bath, eye ointment, vitamin K shot

Postpartum Care: self-massage, foods, healing herbs, help

Breastfeeding: how to use a breast pump, positions, milk production

                                                    Classes available in your home. $75/hour

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