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One of the most miraculous and magical experiences is the gift of birthing a child. During these weeks of growing a baby, a woman wants to feel strong, supple, intuitive, relaxed, supported, and prepared. The womb-life and first three years of life set the entire life's course. Through conscious pregnancy, birthing and early parenting, we set the foundation for life-long health and happiness in a child. Conscious mothers are perhaps the greatest way we can help bring peace to the world. Come and be with other expecting mothers throughout your pregnancy, practicing yoga and meditation, while you experience the enormous physical, emotional and spiritual changes that prepare you to create and welcome another soul! 


Prenatal yoga at Satsang is not just about aiding the physical body during pregnancy. Not only did my body feel less tense and strained but I felt more connected with my baby. I miss prenatal classes and the support and relationships made with the other moms! Truly a comforting experience that I recommend to any expecting mother, yogi or not.

Prenatal Yoga with Andrea has been an absolutely wonderful experience. Pregnant with our first little one, I started the class at 12 weeks and continue to attend at 38 weeks. The inclusion of breath-work, meditation, asana, and specific practices for labor along with related discussion provides an open, comfortable and safe space for us mamas to embrace our experience - as is - no filter, no judgment. Andrea's passion and knowledge in regard to yoga, pregnancy and birthing along with her grounding presence creates an inspiring and fulfilling space to which I return to over and over - even through discomfort or fatigue. I thoroughly have and continue to appreciate this time and space to celebrate the incredible miracle of growing another human being.


I felt strong and happy and confident. The fear I held onto for so long finally started to be released. I felt so supported and it was amazing having someone really believe in me and that my body could do what it had trouble doing the last time, even when I doubted myself. I felt mentally stable and so peaceful and calm generally throughout my pregnancy and I attribute it mostly to all the yoga classes. I'm thankful I had you to bounce questions and ideas and fears off of. You are not only knowledgable but  you are compassionate with your information and delivery to all. When the time came to birth, I felt excited, something I never could have imagined before. I totally did some of the things from class in labor and was able to labor at home until iI was 10 cm doing the tribal funky dance! Also not finding out the gender was influenced by you and it was really hard at first but so thankful that I had that sweet sweet surprise. 


Prenatal yoga with Andrea was my favorite self care activity while pregnant. Andrea fostered a welcoming, inclusive community by encouraging moms to experience the beauty of birth through the historical abundance of practical knowledge and spiritual wisdom. Yoga practices were gentle  and fully accommodating to my growing belly. I left every class with my heart full and a great sense of peace.



I started attending prenatal yoga classes at Satsang when I was four months pregnant. I always knew I wanted a doula and one day in class Andrea mentioned she was in pursuant of becoming a doula. I went home that evening and told my husband I wanted Andrea to be our doula. I felt a connection to her and although I didn’t know her well, she wasn’t a stranger and I felt very comfortable around her. I love her energy and that’s exactly what I wanted during my birth experience. Fast forward to the day I went into labor, she beat us to Charleston Birth Place. During labor, she was two steps ahead and ready to do anything I needed. She also encouraged my husband and supported him while he was helping me. It was perfect teamwork and she really allowed both my husband and I to be in the moment and present. She just knew exactly what to do and it was everything I needed during labor. I’m so grateful for the postpartum care and check-ins which is a part of the birth experience I didn’t realize how much I would need at the time. Overall having Andrea as our doula was a wonderful experience and one of the best decisions we made during my pregnancy.


- Megan Hirschler

Andrea is committed to empowering mamas-to-be. I attended many of Andrea’s prenatal yoga classes throughout pregnancy. Wow! Andrea is the real deal when it comes to prenatal yoga teachers! We sang to our babies, learned how to use a breast pump, practiced infant massage, learned our rights when it comes to birthing in a hospital, and covered a great myriad of valuable topics. We also moved a lot during class and learned which postures were helpful for specific ailments (like easing low back pain, reducing swelling, etc). Many of the movements were embodied in order to engender specific outcomes (like building endurance, clearing negativity, and opening our heart, to name a few). During one class, I learned that Andrea is also a doula for pregnant women! I immediately jumped on board, and boy oh boy, am I glad that I did!


- Suzanne Cabaniss 

Prenatal yoga with Andrea is a wonderful way to prepare your body, mind and soul for the miracle of childbirth. She is a wealth of knowledge in the areas of yoga, pregnancy, and childbirth and she shares so much wisdom during each class. I looked forward to every class and always left feeling empowered, peaceful, stronger, and more informed. I highly recommend making prenatal yoga with Andrea part of your weekly pregnancy routine!

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