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As a doula, I provide a calming presence, with physical, emotional, and informational support, so that mothers and their partners, as well as the baby, have a gentle,

respectful, empowering birth experience. I apply the study, teaching, and practice of yoga and ancient science of Ayurveda to my services. Tools of breathing, essential oils, acupressure, positioning, mantra, meditation, massage, and sound all play a role in the support. I specialize in unmedicated births, protective measures for the baby's psychological well-being after birth, and co-creating an atmosphere where the mother feels free and strong, the parents are heard, the caregivers are respectful, and the sacred transition from womb to room is revered. 


    Evidence-Based Facts from the American Pregnancy Association on doula support:
    • 25% shorter labor

    • 50% reduction in cesarean rate

    • 30% reduction in analgesia use 
    • 40% reduction in pitocin use

    • 40% reduction in forceps use

    • 60% reduction in epidural requests



     I am available as a doula for: Home Birth with Midwife, Charleston Birth Place, & Local Hospitals

My Service Includes:

      Free Consultation 

A no-obligation meeting with you and your partner to ensure we are a good fit, have common goals, and answer any questions. Usually 30 minutes.

     2 Prenatal Visits (2 hrs each)

These are to get to know one another better, explore labor coping techniques, provide information and resources on labor and childbirth, learn the stages of labor, etc. 


     Creating Your Birth Wishes Sheet

We will discuss in detail your wishes and vision, creating a thorough list of wishes for the variety of choices in labor and post birth. 


     Phone & Email Support 

I am available for phone and email support the entire pregnancy, and then I am on-call 24/7for the birth starting at 38 weeks. 

     Full Support for Laboring and Birth

I provide you and your partner full continuous support during your active labor and birth.


Post Birth Support

I stay 1-2 hrs after the birth.

     1 Postpartum Follow-Up Visit (1-2 hrs)

To check on mother, review birth details, and bring gifts and delicious and nourishing food!

     Organic Sitz Bath Mixture (20 oz.)

A unique blend of traditional postpartum herbs created to facilitate post-birth recovery. Decreases inflammation and aids healing. Epsom salt, calendula flowers, urva ursi leaves, chamomile flowers, lavender essential oil, mantra & love.


     The Depth of Birth Book

A comprehensive guide to that includes questions to ask your caregiver, labor tools, postpartum care, and more. 


     Local References

I can provide local referrals for acupuncture, lactation consultants, pelvic floor therapists, etc. 

     Lending Library

I have an extensive lending library of books that you can choose from to read during pregnancy.


     Back-Up Doula

I hire a back up doula in case of an emergency, to ensure you have support for labor and birth.


    Please contact me to schedule an appointment, or if you have any additional questions.

Investment in support is $1800. Deposit of 50% due upon signing contract.

Payment plans available if needed. 

I am also available for in home birthing classes- $75/hr

     Note: Doulas do not perform cervical checks or anything pertaining to the medical side of labor and birth. Although I am not a birth photographer, I usually capture a few photos if agreed to.



Andrea is a doula in Charleston, SC

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