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At one point in time, women would gather together to empower and support one another as they stepped into the role of bearing and raising children. This rite of passage into motherhood was tribe life, deeply ingrained, and passed down from culture to culture, generation to generation, and woman to woman. In Native American tradition (Dine Navajo to be accurate), a ceremony called a Blessingway created space to come together as a support circle for the expecting mother, and bless the way ahead for her. It is a web woven of the most trusted and cherished women in her life.

A Blessingway is also a great opportunity to include the father/partner. They, too, get to have people offer them advice, love, support, and shower them with the joyfulness and excitement of having a child. I felt it was such a beautiful experience, having had a baby shower with all of my closest girlfriends, sister, and mother, to then watch my husband receive everyone’s attention, praise, and love, alongside me.

I am available to arrange and conduct these gatherings. Your Blessingway can be whatever you like! We can discuss all of your ideas and wishes. Scroll through some ideas below:


Creating a bead necklace for the mother to wear in labor

“This is the purpose of creative ritual – increasing balance in connection with in ourselves, with each other, the world, and with the larger rhythms and energies that bring stability and light to our lives.” 
 - Renee Beck and Sydney Metrick, The Art of Ritual
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